The Team
Edouard Guiton - Illustrator

Born the 30th March in Chicago, Edouard Guiton had a passion for design from a very young age. He grew up and studied in Paris, where he followed, during one year, the tutorial courses of the Academie Charpentier. His first professional experience took place in 1997 with the games editor Rackam, where he would be the lead character designer for a dozen years. Having worked on countless illustrations, covers, and concepts, he subsequently worked on numerous games and video games editors. His first comic design, the 10-volume "La Geste Des Chevaliers Dragons" was published by Soleil in 2007. Edouard Guiton has developed many video game and cartoon projects with Ankama.

Henri Molliné - Game Designer

Author of published games for some years now, Henri Molliné has a touch for everything and also excels in the art of stained glass and stone sculpture. Before Monster Slaughter, he designed Dinoparty which won the "Funniest Game" Award at Jam Flip 2015. He is also the author of Gang Rush, in collaboration with Rémy Saunier.

Kim Ettinoff - Colorist

Kim Ettinoff, or Kimbo, or even Tcho to his close friends, spent his childhood in the Caribbean. It was there, surrounded by palm trees and beaches of fine sand, that he dreamed of working in the video game industry, and particularly in cartoons. The paradise scenery of the island stimulated his creativity and gave his conscience the awareness of the fantastic colored universe around him.
He worked on WAKFU seasons 1 and 2, and as the lead designer on DOFUS : The Treasures of Kerubim. He also assisted with the DOFUS film - Book 1: Julith, and more recently on season 3 of WAKFU. Kim is currently using his talents as a concept artist and visual developer on the DOFUS games and Krosmaga, as well as on projects for Ankama Board Games. Kim has a degree in cinematic cartoon animation. He joined Ankama in 2006.